Strongman Training

Strongman Training

What is Strongman Training?

Strongman training is about true functional strength. It is about lifting heavy, pushing heavy, carrying heavy, pulling heavy, all the primal movements with a heavy load. We use compound exercises like the squat, deadlifts, clean & press, farmers walk and prowler that work several muscle groups at once and that includes the heart so you get stronger and fitter too.

What equipment is used in Strongman Training?

You don’t need any fancy expensive equipment for Strongman Training, some of our equipment was donated by a nearby JCB hire company and our hammer came from a DIY store but be careful how you use it. If you are not sure then find out from a reliable source.

Our equipment list includes; Barbells, Tractor Tyres, Sledge Hammers, Logs, Heavy medicine balls and Sandbags with the list growing to keep it challenging

What are the benefits of Strongman Training?

By using several muscle groups at once you get to see bigger results overall and it could save you time in the gym.

Whether you are looking for strength, Muscular endurance, fat burning or increasing muscle mass get your nutrition right and Strongman Training will work for you.

Its fun…………seriously you will love the feeling after a session knowing that you have nothing left to give.

You will lift far more than you have been lifting in the gym on your own.

You will benefit from the motivation and encouragement of the rest of the group that motivates you to push yourself past any limit you had previously set yourself.

Whilst you should always only compete with yourself the group element has a great effect on your performance

Is it hard? – yes it is but the results are so worth it.

Who is Strongman Training for?

Anyone looking to increase strength, muscular endurance and or muscle mass, and drop body fat at the same time.

It’s for people with limited time – why work one muscle when you can work your whole body

If you have any questions or need any help then please do contact us.

Please do consult your GP before starting any new regime and especially if you have any underlying health problems

Strongman Training for Fitness Fat loss and Performance




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