5 delicious breakfasts all under 500 calories

5 delicious breakfasts all under 500 calories &

less than 60 seconds to make – no excuse to skip Breakfast!


Calories 311 Carbs 22 Fat 19 Protein 12

recipe-image-legacy-id-901820_101.5 tablespoons of coconut flakes – 1 tablespoon chopped mixed nuts – 1 teaspoon sultanas

Serve with 1 tablespoon natural yoghurt

Mix all the ingredients or serve in layers of yoghurt, sultanas, coconut flakes, chopped nuts.


Calories 379 Carbs 7 Fat 38 Protein 25


3 eggs -1 tablespoon creamed coconut – 1 handful of fresh coriander – chopped

1 handful of spinach – 1 teaspoon of coconut oil, for cooking – Salt

Melt the coconut oil in the pan over a low heat. Add the spinach and cook until wilted down. While this is cooking, beat the eggs in a bowl and then stir in the grated coconut cream and fresh coriander. Pour the egg mixture over the wilted spinach. Leave to cook and use a spatula to peel away from the edges of the pan to ensure it doesn’t stick.


Calories 319 Carbs 3 Fat 10 Protein 37

5 Nutritious Breakafasts

1 Avocado – 1 cooked chicken breast chopped into small pieces – 1 rasher of bacon cooked and chopped – 1 tomato – 1 teaspoon paprika

Remove the avocado from its shell and chop into small pieces. Place the pieces in a small bowl and add the chicken, bacon and paprika. Mix together and serve on a plate with sliced tomato


Calories 240 Carbs 11 Fat 18 Protein 10


1 egg – 1 banana – 10g almond butter – Berries – 1 tsp coconut oil

Mash your banana with a fork. In another bowl whisk egg.  Mix egg & banana together. Add almond butter. Put the coconut oil in the pan on a low – medium heat

Let the pancake set for thirty seconds & flip it! Enjoy with berries


Calories 487 Carbs 60 Fat 16 Protein 26


Juice of 2 limes – 100ml Almond milk – Blueberries – Handful Blackberries – ½ ripe avocado chopped

2 tbsp natural yoghurt – Ice cubes – Blend together, add a scoop of protein powder if required


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